The miraculous growth of plants


How is the miraculous growth of plants possible?

Today, the use of chemical and organic fertilizers to increase the growth of plants is one of the common methods and the effects of these fertilizers are really impressive if they are used in the right way and at the right time. But is it really only the use of fertilizer that increases plant growth or are there other factors involved?

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Three main elements for plant growth

Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium should be mentioned as the three main elements for growth, the presence of which in a sufficient quantity in the plant causes maximum growth, and the lack of these elements in the plant will definitely cause a decrease in the quality of growth. Fertilizers that have the combination of this element are usually called complete fertilizers or NPK, which are three letters from the beginning of the three elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Perhaps this fertilizer can be considered as one of the miraculous fertilizers for plant growth. Because the combination of three essential growth elements can definitely improve the quality of plant growth. Now let’s examine the role of each element of this fertilizer in improving growth.


The roles of vital elements


an element with amazing properties for plants.

During the process of photosynthesis, chlorophyll uses sunlight and turns into sugar, energy and carbon dioxide.

Now let’s check what chlorophyll is made of?

Answer: It is nitrogen. This element is the main constituent of chlorophyll in plants. Therefore, by injecting this element into the soil, you can expect very good results in the growth and health of plants.

Nitrogen causes the production of amino acids and amino acids make proteins. Proteins are the main factor in maintaining the overall structure of the plant and the strength of its organs. Therefore, nitrogen deficiency can eventually lead to wilting of the plant and cause great damage to it.

The excellent effectiveness of nitrogen element can be seen on the vegetative growth of plants. Nitrogen increases the growth of leaves, buds and new branches and causes the expansion of plant organs. The effect of a high nitrogen fertilizer can make a big difference by improving the vegetative growth of your plant in a short period of time.


an element that plants depend on.

Now let’s examine the properties of phosphorus together

  1. Improving reproductive growth in plants

Definitely, phosphorus should be considered the main factor for improving reproductive growth and flower and fruit production. All experts agree that the best time to give phosphorus fertilizer to the soil is just before the beginning of reproductive growth and flowering. Because this element can increase the number and quality of buds by strengthening the processes of germination and flowering, which will ultimately lead to the production of more and better quality fruits.

  1. Phosphorus increases root absorption

Phosphorus plays an important role in root development and helping to absorb nutrients. By strengthening the roots, phosphorus increases its absorption power and protects it against all kinds of fungi and diseases.

  1. Phosphorus can reduce soil salinity

Phosphorus is a soil conditioner and can reduce soil salinity. This will help to regulate the acidity and control the water in the soil and will increase the growth due to the improvement of the soil conditions.




a strengthening and essential element for growth

Now it’s time to examine the third amazing element of growth.

  1. Potassium increases the plant’s resistance to stresses

One of the most different functions of the elements in the plant belongs to the potassium element. Potassium is able to control the raining of plant openings and control the amount of water entering and leaving the plant. Potassium increases the plant’s resistance to various environmental stresses such as cold and heat. The first suggestion of experts is to use potassium in the cold months of the year with the hot months of the year. Also, potassium makes the plant immune from various diseases, including plant nematode, which saves many plants from the attacks of this disease every year.

  1. Potassium increases the quality of agricultural and garden products

Every time you get a large, juicy, colorful and glazed fruit, you should know that the plant producing that product has been fully supplied with potassium. Potassium makes the fruit juicy and tasty and gives it an excellent color and glaze. This effect is not only specific to fruits and the effect of potassium can be seen on all the products of a plant.

  1. Increase the overall quality of plant growth and root development

Potassium is able to activate at least 60 types of enzymes in the plant that are responsible for growth. Therefore, potassium element can be considered as one of the main factors of good plant growth. Also, this element is able to increase the root growth and in this way increases the power of the plant to absorb elements. Also, potassium plays an active role in intracellular processes such as photosynthesis and can improve the overall condition of the plant.


NPK fertilizer is the best fertilizer for a miraculous growth

Now that you are familiar with the unique properties of these three elements, we must introduce you to a fertilizer that contains all three of these elements. Complete fertilizer is usually known by all farmers and it is usually at the top of their fertilizer purchase list every year. Of course, depending on the type of plant and the percentage of lack of soil elements, you can buy different analyzes such as 12-12-36 or 10-52-10 or 20-20-20 with the opinion of an expert and witness the amazing effects of this type by using it in your own land. be fertilizers.


final word

It is true that these three elements are known as the main and widely used elements for plants, but you should know that a total of 17 elements are necessary for plant growth, and to have a suitable and quality product, all the required elements must be in sufficient quantity in the agricultural soil. so that the plant is not damaged. The best thing is to test the soil and determine the percentage of each element, and then you can buy the best fertilizer with the advice of an expert and solve the deficiencies of your land. We hope that reading this article has been useful for you and will help you to plant quality crops in your land.

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